Mediation - The Best Path Forward

Conflict is often costly, time-consuming and detrimental to
progress, moving forward and your wellbeing.

With over 40 years of legal and judicial experience, Justice Barbara J. Vigil (Ret.) brings a comprehensive and unique perspective to conflict resolution enabling you to achieve an equitable and satisfactory outcome to your dispute in a protected space.

Conflict Resolution

Justice Barbara J Vigil Conflict Resolution Santa Fe NM

Justice Vigil has presided over tens of thousands of cases. Having served on the judiciary for over 20 years, Barbara stands out in her ability and commitment to assist parties in resolving disputes. 

As a successful litigator, Barbara represented both plaintiffs and defendants, individuals and corporations in a broad spectrum of cases to include complex business, commercial and contractual disputes, tort and personal injury cases, civil rights claims, employment and property cases. Barbara’s legal and judicial experience is further augmented by her special training and education in dispute resolution at the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, at Pepperdine University

As a member of the New Mexico State Bar Association and a recipient of numerous recognitions and awards, Barbara is a seasoned leader who can guide and facilitate you or your organization to a negotiated settlement.

Holding a solid, longstanding reputation of integrity and sound judgement, Barbara brings her extensive legal and judicial experience together with her unwavering commitment of respectful service to the mediation process.

Types of Case Experience

Administrative Rulings – Banking – Commercial – Business – Contract – Construction – Collections – Civil Rights – Discrimination – Custody and Divorce – Employment – Wrongful Termination – Healthcare – Insurance – Landlord/Tenant – Land Use and Planning – Professional and Medical Malpractice – Mortgage Foreclosure – Tribal Issues – Personal Injury – Premises Liability – Property and Real Estate – Taxation – Torts – Trusts and Estates – Wrongful Death 

What Colleagues Say

"Chief Justice Vigil's respectful and impartial demeanor makes her a perfect fit for mediating disputes.  She is an effective listener who can facilitate dialogue and ultimately bring parties to a resolution."

- Court of Appeals Judge Celia Foy Castillo (Ret.)

"Barbara’s work as a Judge and Justice provides her with all of the tools and characteristics to make her a successful mediator. She is a careful listener, and has the empathy, legal intellect and instinct to mediate difficult issues among difficult personalities."

- Justice Edward Chavez (Ret.)

Contact Information

Michelle Montoya, Case Administrator:

Phone: (505) 488-4754

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